Healthy Weight Protocol

Combat Pet Obesity with Hill's Healthy Weight Protocol

Obesity puts many dogs and cats at risk for mobility problems, diabetes, osteoarthritis, cardiovascular disease, kidney disease and many other conditions.  Fortunately, obesity in pets can be easily managed with dietary changes.  Hill’s Pet Nutrition has introduced a revolutionary program based on body type calculations called the Hills Healthy Weight Protocol.  

We are now offering brief appointments with one of our Veterinary Nurses to quickly take 4-6 measurements of your pet.  We then plug them into a customized website, calculate your pet’s ideal weight, and determine exactly how much food to feed in order to reach the goal.  The website allows you and your pet’s health care team to track the progress on a weekly basis.  We can now be on track to getting your pet back to a healthy weight in 2018!

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Below is a summary of medical conditions impacted by obesity and their potential costs provided by one of our recommended pet insurance providers, Trupanion. 

Graphic of how pet obesity can lead to many medical conditions

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