Shawme Construction Photos

We are excited to announce the construction of a brand new hospital!!  We are staying in the same location, builiding our new facility in the lot next door.  Stop by this page to keep track of our progress though the summer and fall!   This wouldn't be possible without the support of all our wonderful clients and pets... Thank you for being a part of the Shawme Family!!!

Day 1 - Down come the trees!  5/17/14

Digging away - Thanks to Mark Dalpe's crew.   Found some old milk and soda bottles from when this used to be cow country. 

Wide angle shot of the foundation hole - 5/23/14

Dr. Dave overseeing the foundation being poured - Thanks to Bay Colony Forms!

6/23/14 - First floor walls are almost complete.  Wow these guys work fast!  Thanks to Steve Devlin & crew @ Central Construction Company.

7/11 Walls and Roof Framing complete.

Backside with 2nd floor apartment!

7/17 - Front Entry.

8/13/15 - We open in our new building, finally!

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