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We delivered this little guy on Monday.  His mom, a Boston Terrier named Jami had been struggling to give birth for close to 24 hours when her owner, Pam, decided it was time to seek veterinary care.  Jami has been a mother before, delivering 5 healthy pups, but this time around she may have been bred with a larger male.  Pam was told that she had lost the puppy and her spirits were down when she dropped Jami off with us.  Jami on the other hand was in great spirits.. peppering everyone with kisses while we were performing our pre-anesthetic exam and placing her IV catheter.  We went through our typical surgical prep procedure, transferred mom to the surgical area, and got our treatment area prepared with nasal suction, oxygen and respiratory medications in hopes that the puppy was viable.  Sure enough as soon as Dr. Dave pulled the little newborn from his Mum, he shouted out "We have a heartbeat!" and the team sprang into action.  We pulled fluid from his nose and throat, shook him up good n' proper, and  gave him a few short breaths of fresh oxygen.  Within a couple minutes we had an adorable squirming, screaming new life!  I like to think he was smiling at us in this picture...  :)

- Matt

This little pup has already been spoken for, but if you would like more information on Pam's Boston Terriers, please call her at 413-388-6240

As a follow up, Pam sent along this picture of our little buddy at 5 days old... he's doing great!

10.23.14 This little dude is loving his new family in PA.  Looking good Murphy!

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