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  • Anesthesia Monitoring
    Anxiety related to our pets undergoing surgery is something that we all face at some point as pet parents. Whether it’s a routine spay or neuter, a dental, mass excision Read more
  • Tipping the Scales?
    Is your pet tipping the scales after the holidays?? Obesity puts many dogs and cats at risk for mobility problems, diabetes, osteoarthritis, cardiovascular disease, kidney disease and many other conditions.  Fortunately, Read more
  • Lyme Disease Awareness Month
    As the weather warms, we begin to see more and more pets come in with ticks and we are reminded that these little bugs can carry life-threatening diseases. Several species Read more
  • Lepto? What is Lepto?
    One question we get asked by dog owners when talking about vaccines is "Lepto?  What is Lepto?"  Lepto is vet tech jargen for Leptospirosis - a bacteria that dogs can Read more
  • #whyilovemyjob
    We delivered this little guy on Monday.  His mom, a Boston Terrier named Jami had been struggling to give birth for close to 24 hours when her owner, Pam, decided Read more
  • TobyRudyKazudi
    We see a lot of amazing pets from day to day, but every once in a while you meet an animal that leaves a lasting impression.  Such is the case Read more

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