Shawme in the Community

 Shawme Animal Hospital
is proud to support the newest member of the Sandwich Police Department! 

Officer Matt O'Brien with Koda, the Cape Cod drug enforcement dog

Tuukka is the drug sniffing police dog in town and Dr. Romeiser is happy to be his veterinarian, providing him with the best of care.  Koda (pictured) retired in July of 2017.

Hills Perscription Diets has offered to sponsor Tuukka and provide him with a quality diet throughout his lifetime of service and Merial will sponsor him with Nexgard and Heartgard for prevention of Fleas, Ticks and Heartworm.  Big thank you to Hills and Merial!!

This was Koda in action, her incredible sense of smell helped Barnstable Police find a shipment of 18 lbs of Marajuana! 

Narcotics found by Koda, the Cape Cod drug enforcement dog

  • We are happy to work with the Riverview School's grow program and offer observation hours to their special students.  Best of luck to Anna, Jen, and Matt, Sarah, Andy & Kat!!

  • There are sometimes opportunities for high school students interested in veterinary medicine to complete observation or volunteer hours at Shawme Animal Hospital.  We have worked with senior students from Sandwich, Barnstable and Plymouth High Schools in the past.   Please contact us for more details if you are interested.  

  • Please take a minute to check out the Plymouth Animal Shelter's website.  Laurie and her team of volunteers do an amazing job there and we are proud to work closely with them to provide care for these precious animals.  Check out some of their pets awaiting adoption:

A happy dog named Kevin from Plymouth Animal Control looking for a good home.

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