Meet Our Team


Matt - Practice Manager & Technician

Matt has been working alongside Dr. Dave since 2009. He grew up in Connecticut and earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Animal Science at UConn.

Matt enjoys the challenging cases that come in to Shawme, including elusive medical diagnoses, fractious cats, pug nail trims and restraining dogs bigger than him.

Matt likes to play guitar, watch sports, go camping and explore the lesser known trails and beaches of Cape Cod with his wife Colleen, daugher Shealey and his good ol' dog Meister.  

Cheneille - Certified Veterinary Technician

Cheneille has been a part of the Shawme Team since completing a student internship in the summer of 2013.  She graduated from Becker College in 2014 as a Certified Veterinary Technician.

She has a precious rescue named Jo.Z,  and a beautiful BT (pictured) named Darla.

Malen - Receptionist

Malen is originally from Millbury Ma. She graduated from Worcester State University in 2013 with a bachelors degree in psychology. She moved onto the cape in 2012 with her boyfriend Scott.

She loves spending time with her two dogs Stout and Sierra. If not out walking her dogs, you can find her doing yoga, swimming or watching Netflix.

Aleta - Technician

Aleta received her BS in Criminal Justice from Southern Vermont College, and soon after realized her true love was working with animals.  She has previously worked in Animal Control and rescue organizations, bringing knowledge and experience to the Veterinary field.  Aleta has worked as a Veterinary Technician for the last 14 years, and cannot imagine doing anything else.  During her off time, Aleta enjoys snowboarding, gardening, and taking long walks with her dogs. She currently has 2 dogs, 2 cats, and a Guinea Pig.

Cara, Dave & Skye - What a pretty girl!

Cara - Technician

Cara started as a part-time employee in May of 2018 and quickly moved into a full-time role. She has always had a love and passion for animals.  Since starting at Shawme, Cara couldn’t imagine working in any other field!  She currently has one dog (Ace) one cat (Penny) one bunny (Lola) one bearded dragon (Dextina), and a few fish! In her free time Cara enjoys spending time with her pets, her nieces, and going to the beach.

.           .

Alix - Certified Veterinary Technician

Originally from Plymouth, MA, Alix started at Shawme in July of 2018 after attending Massasoidt Community College's Veterinary Technology program.  She shortly thereafter obtained her certification through the MVMA.  She is a very enthusiastic learner and would like to further her career down the road by expanding and continuing her education in the field of veterinary medicine.  Alix has two cats, two dogs, and a lizard that she loves very much.  She enjoys spending time with her animals as well as relaxing in the outdoors and hiking during the warmer months here in New England.  

Brianna and her horse AnnabelleBrianna and her dogs on a Cape Cod beach  

Brianna - Veterinary Technician

Brianna has been a part of the team since November 2018.  Before joining Shawme, Brianna became a licensed horse trainer at the young age of 18 and worked as a full-time trainer for four years.  Brianna still enjoys training horses when not working at the hospital.  She has a German Shepherd named Ace, a rescue mixed breed named Jax, and a horse name Annabelle, all of which she loves very much. In her free time, Brianna enjoys riding her horse, and taking her dogs to the beach.

Alanna at Shawme Animal Hospital

Alanna grew up in Westport, MA and attended Davidson College in North Carolina for her undergraduate education. She received a Bachelor of Science in Biology in May of 2019 and started as a technician at Shawme shortly thereafter in June.  After shadowing veterinarians during undergrad, Alanna decided she wanted to pursue a doctorate in veterinary medicine.  We are very proud to report that Alanna was accepted into veterinary school and she plans to start in the fall of 2020!  Her choice of school is TBD.  In addition to spending time with animals, Alanna enjoys hiking, playing tennis, and amateur beekeeping!

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