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Posted on 08-15-2014

We see a lot of amazing pets from day to day, but every once in a while you meet an animal that leaves a lasting impression.  Such is the case with the incredible TobyRudyKazudi.  Toby is a Toy Poodle who packs a huge personality into a tiny frame, though he is now completely blind, he knows exactly when someone is walking by and will bark with a little old man scratchy voice until someone pays attention to him.  We are not quite sure how old Toby is, though if I had to guess I would say he may be between 15 and 20 years old.  His family came upon him through Friends of Homeless Animals after the passing of their only child, and he quickly began to help fill an enormous void in their lives. 

When we first met TobyRudyKazudi 2 years ago, we found him to be in great health for an older dog besides some pretty intense dental tartar.  The tartar has been a constant battle for Toby as it recurs pretty quickly after frequent dental cleanings, but that has never prevented Toby’s family from letting him shower them with smelly kisses. 

Standing about 7 inches tall and weighing in at a whopping 4 and a half pounds, Toby doesn’t present as the world’s most intimidating dog, but try telling that to the team of oxen he tried to herd on the beach in Nicaragua!  He spends half of the year down in Nicaragua near a giant lake called Largo Nicaragua, which is not half bad if you ask me.

When little Toby got sick and stopped eating last year, he didn’t have much body weight to lose.  After a physical exam and checking his blood values, he was found to be in severe renal failure.  His family was told by another veterinarian that his values were off the chart, Toby was doomed, and they should think about humane euthanasia for him. 

Toby’s family elected to take him home for the weekend, giving him fluid under his skin, and wait for Dr. Romeiser to be back in the office on Monday.  Upon examining Toby, Dr. Dave agreed that his values were very high, but suggested IV fluid therapy may still be an option for him.  Our team started in on our typical treatment for renal failure, hooking up Toby’s tiny leg to an IV catheter and he camped out with us in the clinic for 3 days getting a slow drip of fluids in an attempt to flush his kidneys and expel the waste products building up in his blood.  Renal failure cases can be difficult, and the prognosis is often poor especially when a pet has values as high as Toby’s… but every once in a while medicine throws in a miracle. 

After 3 days of fluid therapy, Toby’s values came down about 50%, and he began to get his energy and appetite back.  Dr. Dave prescribed a kidney diet and some medications to help, and within 5 days he was back to his old TobyRudyKazudi self.  Over the past 14 months, Toby has been doing remarkably well.  Occasionally his values creep up and he has been hospitalized for the same fluid therapy, but he is an incredible little dog who responds very well to treatment.  It’s the cases like his that make what we do so rewarding…. may Toby keep chasing the oxen of Nicaragua, sharing his stinky kisses and warming the hearts of his loving family and friends. 

With love from your friends at Shawme.

It is with sadness that I am updating this post with news of Toby's passing.  Our favorite little guy started to develop seizures on top of his severe renal condition and after several weeks of treatment, the seizures became too much to control.  Toby was put to sleep peacefully in the arms of his loved ones.  Throughout his years of treatment Toby never complained once, and just kept bouncing back.  May you rest in peace Mr. TobyRudyKazudi, you truly are one of the most amazing creatures we've ever met. 

Candi, TobyRudyKazudi's mom said:

This little dog has been such a joy to me that when I thought last year that he might not survive his illness I was heart broken. In stepped Dr. Dave and his fantastic staff to give me hope! They gave me so much more; another year plus with my amazing little companion. I can never thank them enough for all the kindesses and help they offer to Toby. He loves to go in the office and just say hello now and then. TobyRudyKazudi goes on with his funny little ways, stinky kisses, and his wonderful little woofs! Thank you Matt for taking the time to share his story. My family insists my son is the one who sent him to me.

2014-08-22 08:27:13

Suzanne Fleet McMillan said:

Toby has brought much joy to his family. He is a teeny little guy who packs a huge dollop of spirit charming those in many parts of the world! I'm proud to say that I was one of those who strongly introduced TobyRudyKazudi to Dr. Dave,and the staff of Shawme Animal Hospital.

2014-08-24 07:35:16

Toby's mom said:

This little Zen Master was so special and what is so amazing is you guys knew that at first sight! You treated him with love and respect. I still think with regard to Toby "who rescued who".

2014-09-29 16:50:32

Sonja Daday said:

What a remarkable little dog that blessed so many humans with his life. Dr. Dave never gives up easily on an animal and has worked miracles with my dogs too. He and his staff truly love their patients, and you can feel it when you walk in his facility like no other vet clinic. I'm so sorry Toby has left us, but his spirit lives on through so many who's lives he touched. Bless you Toby.

2017-03-23 04:26:39

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